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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

We Are Marching...Saturday!

I can't believe it's already March for Babies time!

I've never had to worry about the weather being anything other than 70 and sunny (that's LA living y'all), so we'll see how things go with the temps in the 50s and possible rain. I'm sure it will still be fun and hopefully we can keep the kids in good spirits!

And I'll be walking 3 miles almost 9 months pregnant. That should be fun. I did "run" a 5k 36 weeks pregnant with Ben, so it's apparently my thing.

I wanted to do 1 more shout out for donations and supporters of our team! The twins are trying to reach their $100 goals before Saturday and they could use your help! You don't have to pick favorites, but you can donate to Jackson HERE and Amelia HERE. They'd love your support!

Amelia was such a great helper the other day and helped me tie dye our signature team shirts (for the kids, because they keep growing on me!)
 Please note: Only my calm little girl was involved in this project. The wild and crazy boys were stuck inside while we tie dyed. She actually listens and follows instructions, key milestones to hit before allowing your 3 year old to tie dye anything. Just in case you were wondering ;)
She was so proud. And so excited mommy let her help. She managed to only get a little on me (none on her...amazingly), so we MIGHT try this project again with our leftover colors. MAYBE. When I feel very brave and calm.

Back on track,thanks everyone who has sponsored our team so far and those that will do so! I'll let you know how Saturday goes...and hopefully I'll still be pregnant to tell you all about it!

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