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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Baby E Is Here!

I guess on her 1 week birthday I should get around to blogging that baby Eloise is here!

It's amazing how in 24 hours this big ol' belly goes from this...
To this cute little face!

I have no exciting birth story to share. I was having no contractions or anything going on up until 39 weeks. 39 weeks 0 days was my scheduled C-section. Tom and I woke up, said bye to the kiddos and went to the hospital. The C-section was pretty uneventful and after a few hours, Eloise came into this world, bright pink, kicking and screaming! She weighed 8lbs 10oz, almost 2lbs bigger than Ben! and over double the twins weights...combined. Big girl!
She received nothing but top reports from everyone who saw her, and luckily, I did too and we were home 2 days later!
The bigs LOVE their baby sister.
and she has been such a good baby! A little slow to gain her weight back and jaundice, just like Ben (my milk is a little slow to come in), but she passed her most recent check up, gained enough weight and bilirubin went down enough that we're done with check ups until her 2 week. Which amazingly, is already next week. I feel like she was just born! She is 1 week old today! Crazy!
My mom is here helping me out for another week. She is mostly in charge of the bigs while I recover from the C-section. They are having a lot of fun having her around. Baby and I are settling in well and it's so fun to snuggle with a newborn again! Ben grew up too quickly on me ;) Eloise better be a good girl and stay little for awhile!
Thanks for all the messages and congrats and all of our local friends who have been such great helps! It's made the transition for the bigs a lot easier :)

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