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Monday, June 8, 2015

Life with 4 Under 4

I am not sure I'm an expert at this 4 under 4 biz yet but I am starting to get the hang of things. Its been a big help having my mom in town, but I know my day of doing it all on my own is coming very soon! I will write a full post on my life lessons when I have some to share but I just thought I would share how things have been going in the beginning with have 4 little littles.
My first thought was Ben would have a meltdown sharing mommy time, Amelia would be my helper, Jackson would care less. I was very wrong with my guesses.
Ben loves HIS baby and giving anatomy lessons about the baby. We have hourly discussions about how poking the baby's head and eyes is not ok. He also loves to give very heavy hugs. So....he isn't allowed anywhere close to baby. He handles not having mommy to himself well but he has grandma to play with, so I think that will change when she is gone.
Amelia actually could care less that Eloise is here. She will hand me a diaper or some wipes but other than that she minds her own business. She likes showing off her baby sister when friends have come by to visit or bring by meals but most of the time she does her own thing. I think when she can play with her, she will be a lot more interested. She asks daily if she is big enough to share her room with her so she is just waiting to have a toddler little sister ;)
And Jackson. Sweet, loving Jackson. Have I ever mentioned he is my sweetest child? He loves baby Eloise and gives her gentle hugs and kisses all the time. When she yawns he gushes about how cute she is. He really loves his baby sister and is so excited to tell everyone about her. Its super sweet. I know he is a loving boy but to see him being so sweet and kind to his sister just melts my heart.
Overall, everyone is adjusting. They still remember the days before Eloise and how Eloise was in mommy's tummy but she came out. It's definitely different having almost 4 year olds and a 2 year old and adding to the family than it was when the twins were only 19 months old. It was a much smoother transition then ;) the idea of getting all 4 kids dressed, fed and out the door in a morning by myself seems very daunting but I know I will get the hang of it. The twins are becoming more independent so that is helpful and once Eloise gets on a good schedule, I think I will manage but right now, it seems a little crazy.
So that's life so far! More updates as we adjust ;)

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