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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What's Another One....

Adding baby Eloise to our family has been so much fun, but I think the fun is yet to come!

She gave me her first gummy legit smile today and my heart is freaking melting, people! I LOVE when babies get interactive and start exploring the world. Seriously, the BEST time ever. Everyone who tells you newborns are hard, the first year is the worst, they are simply liars. The first year is the most magical year! I absolutely love it...can we have another baby now? Ok, calm down people, I'm not pregnant.

So at almost 2 months old, I have officially been on my own with 4 kids for a month now. Every day, all day, just me and the munchkins. It's been...interesting.

Some days are beyond exhausting. Especially when Jack is having a rough day. I also tend to over schedule in the summer I've realized. I want to be outside and at the parks all day, every day so we've had a play date, pretty much every day in the past month. It's been fun but tiring.

Some days are very relaxing. I have a lot more energy than I did when I was pregnant so when the kids are chill and playing nicely, I manage to cook, clean and do a project or 2. It's been nice. We are still slowly ticking off the list of house projects we need to do before we rent or sell this place so I feel like we're always doing something but it's been fun.

Overall, Eloise is an easier baby then any of the others. Obviously, it's not hard to beat out the twins. Ben was super easy, but now that I've seen another personality, I look back on Ben and think of what a wild and crazy kid he was, even from the beginning. He was always full of spunk, joking around, pranking. He is going to be that popular kid in high school who always has a joke to share with the class...and ends up in the principal's office. Just watch.

But mostly, she eats, she sleeps, she shares a little smile or 2 with us from time to time.

She loves our 4 year old swing. She just hangs out all day.

If she is fussy, I throw her in a wrap or sling and she is happy again. Very easy. We have just loved having this little red head in our family!

But having 4 kids is loud and crazy. Our house is rarely quiet. I know I have some friends who love early morning or bed time with their kids. These are hands down the most stressful times in our day! And soo loud! Everyone is wanting something and yelling and fighting.

But when all the crazy ones are asleep, and in the summer when the sun is still setting, I get a few quiet minutes with my sweet new girl, rocking her by the window.

and now I want 10 more babies just like her.

So sweet.

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