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Thursday, August 27, 2015

5 Easy Steps to Get Great Family Photos!

We recently had family photos taken. People gave me compliment after compliment about how great the kids looked and how they couldn't believe how we got them all to cooperate in a picture. I always laugh at these comments. They don't see the behind the scenes! So I thought I'd share with you, my 5 easy steps to get your kids to behave in family pictures!

1. Don't tell them where you're going. It's a surprise! When in doubt, I always find white lies to my kids are helpful. I think I have an age limit where this will stop working but 4 and under I'm still smarter than them! We're going somewhere fun guys! Get in the car and you'll see!

2. Keep smiling, even when you're reaching behind 1 child to grab another to keep him sitting still and trying not to drop the infant in your lap. Cheese!
3. If lying and smiling don't work, hanging out on the back of a truck doesn't work for your boys, hope your photographer is quick when you get the .2 second moment of good behavior. Also, wear appropriate footwear for chasing children who are refusing to cooperate. Tom said I picked the wrong shoes for him that day. Whoops. My bad.

4. Hope they forget your actually taking pictures. "Who wants to go for a walk through this field? Yay! Let's go and keep looking at that guy down there...good job!"
5. Bribe. Always bribe. This particular photo shoo was at 6:30am. There was much talk of donuts for good behavior. They would have gotten the donuts regardless of behavior, only because mommy needed to stop for coffee on the way home.

And of course, special thanks to Nate and Captured Memories Photography  by Nathan Weist for managing to catch the few precious seconds between the chaos so we have pictures of my kids faces instead of the blurs I usually manage to capture.

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