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Monday, August 17, 2015

So Long Sweet Summer

The only place where there hasn't been activity going on in our lives has definitely been this blog! It's been quiet on here! My bad!

We've been having a really rough summer life over here...

Catching fireflies in our PJs
 Learning to swim

My little monkeys have turned into fish!

Lounging in the backyard, staying in our swimsuits all day.
Feeding the ducks.
It's a hard life for these kids, let me tell you!

We are soaking it all up because next week, school starts! We have had some big changes this summer for our family. I think in the long run it's for the best, but things have definitely been really wild lately! It's meant another new school for the kiddos but they have handled it all so well!

I am going to get in a better routine with life once I have these big kids back in school so hang tight for just a bit longer! I'm also looking into the potential of starting up a small (very small!) business and I'd love any insight people have on starting up a business! Please share! :)

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