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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Halloween With 4 Kids

I love all of the baby firsts! This year we had another first Halloween and had fun celebrating with baby E, although she was still recovering from a nasty congestion/cold/thingamajig that caused gave her another first - her first ear infection.

Although things weren't quite as fun and exciting due to illness recovery, the kids still had a great time. So the costumes:

We had Marshall from Paw Patrol, Heatwave (rescue bot), and 2 Cinderellas.

I made the girls' costumes and bought the boys. Because who has time to make a Heatwave costume. Not I.

Eloise's congestion was in her eye so she was not exactly excited for her picture moments.

Being in the northern states (and away from 70 and sunny all year round SoCal) we found a few indoor trick or treat spots to hit up, although the night turned out being really nice and we did a little "traditional" door to door trick or treating too in town.

Overall, the kids had a lot of fun as usual. The twins are really getting the hang of it. This was the first year Ben really got it and enjoyed it. Eloise hung out and was carried around for the night but I'm sure she had fun too ;)

Hope your Halloween was as fun as ours!

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