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Friday, December 4, 2015

A Homemade Christmas {Gift Ideas!}

I feel like I have about 25 projects in the works right now, and time is going by quickly but we are 21 days out from Christmas and I'm sure most of you are scrambling. No? Just me?

Well I have been debating, sewing, and organizing things and am happy to report I atleast know what everyone is getting for Christmas, except for my brother. If he's reading this, I need some ideas STAT or you're getting a homemade sweater. It will probably have antler ears on it. It will be awful. You've been warned.

So really quick, here are some ideas I've ran across and things you can make yourself super easily! Great for neices, cousins, teachers, random friends, etc.

For the little girl in your life, I have been loving Made For Mermaids free pattern releases this past week! Megan is doing 12 days of giveaways and I have been LOVING it!

I'm thinking mermaid blankets for every little girl I know? Super quick and easy to stitch up and you can even use fleece blankets from stores if you're not a fabric buying pro.

Hope the kids teachers don't read this blog, because they're all getting these coffee cozy's with gift cards.

Babies are also a big challenge for gifts for me, unless it's a baby shower with a registry. I got a few teething rings though and am planning to make a few of these bunny ear teethers for some babies in my life. Super simple and cute!
These are all super cute and easy and can be made with blankets from the store and scraps of fabric! 

If you don't want to make, just buy, I am loving LuLaRoe lately! If you have a woman in your life that is tricky to buy for, some leggings or a Randy tee is a perfect option! They are super cute, comfy and versatile. The patterns might scare you for a minute, but once you have 1 item, you'll be sold. 

If you need someone to buy LuLaRoe from, might I recommend my awesome friend, April. She turned me to the dark side of LLR obsessed. The tall and curvy leggings are my absolute favorite!

Ok, hope this helps. If you need help buying for a guy, you might need to find another blogger because I bought the world's most boring presents ever for Tom this year. I know he reads this, and he should set his expectations very low this year ;) Sorry, but I love you :)

Have any other great ideas you would like to share? Pleases comment and let me know!

{This post is not sponsored in any way but my Made for Mermaids is an affiliate link. Thanks for your understanding and helping me keep this lil blog a runnin'!}


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