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Monday, December 7, 2015

Eloise-6 Months Old

I love looking back on my monthly updates on the twins and Ben so I can't believe I haven't updated anything on Eloise at all lately!

I blinked and suddenly, we have a 6 month old!
Weight: 19lbs

Height: 26 1/2" (although I think the nurse wasn't getting her legs straight, I measure her about 27")

Favorite things: putting anything in her mouth, taking off her socks, playing with Amelia in the bathtub

She rolls both ways, sits independently, does a really great up dog but hasn't quite gotten up on all 4's yet, talks up a storm, says mama and is usually referring to me...or to eat. She likes to eat ;)

Here are 6 fun things about Eloise in her past 6 months!

1. Eloise had her first Thanksgiving right after her 6 month birthday! She enjoyed apples to celebrate.

2. We started her on fruits and veggies on her 6 month birthday, so far, she hates it. We started with babyled weaning but she is having a really hard time with texture so we are back to purees. She still has no real desire to eat. We'll keep offering it to her and see how she catches on over the next few weeks.

 3. She is really embracing the baby sister roll. She loves just watching her brothers and sisters and laughing at them. She has become so interactive the past few months and loves to chat with them, eat their toys, and try to eat them.

4. She has 4 teeth and at least 2 more on the way! The NP at her peds office is betting on her finishing up her first 16 teeth (all but her 2 year molars) before her 1st birthday. That's about on track with the other kiddos so I'm not surprised.

5. She is a very serious little girl. She is very observant, and just takes everything in. She didn't smile until after her 2 month birthday and although she smiles a ton now, she needs to be impressed or in a chatty mood to get smiles. Other than that, she will just stare you down. There's a lot to watch and take in though with 3 hooligans running everywhere around her!

6. I'm excited to say I haven't bought a single disposable diaper for her yet! It took me 4 kids, but I have perfected my babywearing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering ways. The other 3 all had nighttime disposables or disposables for trips and she hasn't had a single disposable on her bottom since she was a few days old. I have however turned to the dark side of cloth diapering and have a FEW more diapers then I probably need and a FEW fun prints that aren't really necessary ;) but if Eloise is our last baby, I figure why not enjoy it and have fun with it! I'm sure even with my slightly added costs of a few fun, high-end cloth diapers, we have still saved a ton of money though so I'm happy! Now if I could just get Ben potty trained...anyone want to potty train a stubborn 2 year old? Pretty please? Don't make me beg, because I'm getting to that point.

Overall, Eloise is quite a joy and very loved in our family. Her sister loves matching clothes with her and her big brothers would do anything for her.
It is so fun to see what a different personality she has from the first 3. I have bets on what each of them will be when they grow up (with Benjamin being a professional clown or stunt double). Each of these 4 kids are definitely their own special person and it's been both fun and challenging raising this gang. I wouldn't want it any other way.

Happy 6 months beautiful girl. We simply adore you and can't imagine our lives without you!

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