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As many people know who have read my blog for awhile, our twins were born 13 weeks premature. Since then, I've written a lot (ok mostly) about their prematurity and how they're getting on with all of the challenges we've faced since their stressful birthday.

You can read all about their birth HERE.

We've had many firsts along the way. Check out some of our favorites: 

First time parents-June 9,2011

First time we held Mia-June 11, 2011-2 days old

First time we held Jack-June 16, 2011-7 days old
First time we held the twins together-June 19, 2011-10 days old
Happy 1st Father's Day!

First bath mommy gave the twin

First time I breastfed the twins-July 13, 2011- 34 days old

The twins first bottles-July  24, 2011-45 days old

Home from the hospital! August 4, 2011-54 days old
Babies' baptism-September 11, 2011
First plane ride-September 13, 2011 From Pennsylvania to our new home in California!

First trip to Disneyland-September 30,2011
First pumpkin patch-October 10, 2011-4 months and 1 day old!
First Thanksgiving-November 24, 2011
First time meeting Santa Clause-December 4, 2011
First Solid Food-Avacado on December 10, 2011

Babies First Christmas- December 25, 2011

 First Valentine's Day- February 14, 2012

First time swimming!- March 10, 2012
First St. Patrick's Day-March 17, 2012
First teeth!
Amelia-March 14, 2012
Jackson-March 22, 2012
I'd take a picture, but they bite my fingers off every time I get close to their mouths ;) Picture to come when the teeth are all the way through and they're not as grouchy about them :)

First crawling-both in late march/early April 2012

Happy First Birthday my little miracles!

First Steps!
Amelia-late July, 2012
Jackson-mid August 2012

Legit walking
Amelia-August 10, 2012 (funny because I started walking on Christmas at 11 months. Amelia was almost exactly 11 months adjusted to the day)
Jackson-Mid September, 2012 (15 months actual, 12 months adjusted...right on track!)

 August 15, 2012...our little walker :)

September 15, 2012-I just missed him walking and dancing but he's standing on his own and thinking about it ;)